How the true faith has come down to us

The soul of all peoples always felt that God exists, even though they didn’t know enough to worship the true God.

The Holy Spirit, however, taught the Prophets first, then the Apostles, after them the Holy Fathers and our Bishops and so the true faith has come down to us. We knew the Lord through the Holy Spirit. And once we knew Him, our soul became fixed in Him.

Know, you peoples, that we were made in order to glorify God in heaven, and don’t attach yourselves to the earth. Because God is our Father and He loves us as His greatly-desired children. People who don’t know Grace don’t seek it.

People have become attached to the earth and this is why most of them don’t know that there’s nothing earthly which can compare with the sweetness of the Holy Spirit.

“Saint Silouan the Athonite”

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