How the devil convinces us of something

The devil says, “Your spiritual father is a sinner, so, don’t listen to him.”

The devil always tries to mix the good, the real, and the logical in order to attain his evil purposes.

Being the image of God, humans cannot accept evil in its pure form; that’s why evil needs to contain some truth inside of it which acts as bait.

Sometimes, the ones who are strong can provide an argument saying, “I listen to my spiritual father because, in this way, the saints are teaching us in order to escape from the hell of my mind’s relativity.” But we must remember that we aren’t strong and we must seek shelter under the cloak of obedience and prayer.

Never, ever trust something because a part of it seems good. Never, ever trust a source because that source sometimes says things which seem good.

We must have attention and discrimination in everything.

Based on F. Dumitru Stăniloae, Saint Dorotheos of Gaza

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