How can we finally rest

So he who desires to come to the rest of the Lord and not be defeated by the evil one, lovingly withdraws from people in all things, so as not to criticize them or praise or justify, or bless another or to upset someone else in any respect, or to observe his downfall, and to leave no needle of enmity in his heart against him, and to submit to those who are demented.

If you do so, you will know yourself and understand what will harm you.

But he who is convinced of his righteousness and who insists on having his own way, cannot escape enmity. He can neither rest, nor see any of what he lacks, since self-praise is hostility towards your neighbor. If you are like that, you are under control of the evil one because you are always afraid that others might be better than you. In this way you will not see your failings and what you lack, nor the peace that comes from humility. Let us also pray and commend ourselves to the will of our good God.

Based on Saint Isaiah the Solitary

A monk in a cave used in the past as a cell

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