His main characteristics

The main characteristics of Elder Porphyrios’s character throughout his life were his extreme humility, his perfect love for Christ and his fellow men, and his sense of belonging to the Church, with his complete obedience to it in Christ, his absolute unity with all men, and his sense of immortality and freedom from fear and the hell of life here on earth. To these should be added his uncomplaining patience in the face of unbearable pain, his wise discernment, his inconceivable power of clairvoyance, his boundless love of learning, the astonishing breadth of his knowledge (which was a gift from God and a fruit of His Grace and not a result of study), his industriousness and inexhaustible love of hard work, his constant, humble and therefore effective prayers, his supremely Orthodox though not fanatical mentality, his sound advice, the diversity of his teachings, his very profound piety, the majestic solemnity of the church services that he conducted, and the great care with which he kept his numerous good works secret.

“Former Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals George Arvanitis”


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