Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Athanasios of Limassol at feast of St. Evdokimos – Photo journal from the Liturgy (part 2)

When a thought is prolonged in us we become enslaved to the attraction.

When a thought lingers within a man, this indicates his attachment to it. Attraction is a person’s attachment to created things and his desire to realize them and acquire only those things. When the nous is disengaged from heavenly food, from the remembrance of heavenly things, it constantly offers itself to the sensory and created things of the world. This is called attraction. It is led there by the thought which lingers within it.

The person becomes intemperate. He cannot control himself. He whose mind teems with thoughts lacks self-control. The person who in thought does not fight the thought of sin, saying nothing against it, commits it bodily.

That’s why we should fight to have only good thoughts and have our mind in the heavenly kingdom. In all of Church history there was never a good end when political interests were mixed with the Church’s real (spiritual) interests.

Based on Met. Hierotheos of Nafpaktou

In this photo a candid moment from the beginning of Divine Liturgy at the feast of St. Evdokimos with Met. Hierotheos of Nafpaktou and Athanasios of Lemessou

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