God’s biggest miracle for us – photo journal from the feast of miracle-working icon of Paramythia (Audio)

The miracle working icon of Paramythia (“the one who comforts”) took the name not from the big miracle which she made by escaping the monks and the monastery from pirates but from her look after the miracle which is a very comforting expression of her face.

This shows us that the biggest miracle of God and His saints is mercy.

These photos are from the Paramythia’s feast depicting how the monks took her from her chapel to the main church (katholikon) and the entire service which followed after. Together with Paramythia was the feast of St. Maximus the Greek one of the great saints of Vatopaidi. At the end of the matins his relics were exposed for veneration. The guest was the Elder Peter of Dionysiou.

Click below to hear a live audio recording from the feast:

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