Fr. Seraphim Rose: 21st Century Schizoid Man

What, more realistically, is this “mutation,” the “new man”?

He is the rootless man, discontinuous with a past that Nihilism has destroyed, the raw material of every demagogue’s dream;

the “free-thinker” and skeptic, closed only to the truth but “open” to each new intellectual fashion because he himself has no intellectual foundation;

the “seeker” after some “new revelation,” ready to believe anything new because true faith has been annihilated in him;

the planner and experimenter, worshipping “fact” because he has abandoned truth, seeing the world as a vast laboratory in which he is free to determine what is “possible”;

the autonomous man, imitatiing humility in only asking his “rights,” yet full of the pride that expects everything to be given him in a world where nothing is authoritatively forbidden;

the man of the moment, without conscience or values and thus at the mercy of the strongest “stimulus”;

the “rebel,” hating all restraint and authority because he himself is his own and only god;

the “mass man,” this new barbarian, thoroughly “reduced” and “simplified” and capable of only the most elementary ideas, yet scornful of anyone who presumes to point out the higher things or the real complexity of life.

Based on fr. Seraphim Rose

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