Forgetfulness: the spiritual immunodeficiency virus

Forgetfulness in and of itself has no power, but acquires embodiment in proportion to our negligence.

Do not say; ‘What can I do? I don’t want to be forgetful but it happens.’ For when you did remember, you cheated over what you owed. Do good when you remember, and what you forget will be revealed to you; and do not surrender your mind to blind forgetfulness. Scripture says: ‘Hell and perdition are manifest to the Lord’ (Prov. 15:11. LXX). This refers to ignorance of heart and forgetfulness. Hell is ignorance, for both are dark; and perdition is forgetfulness, for both involve extinction and because perdition comes from forgetfulness.

Concern yourself with your own sins and not with those of your neighbor; then the workplace of your intellect will not be robbed.

Do not postpone the good that you can do today because tomorrow might not unfold.

Based on Saint Mark the Ascetic

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