The feast of Saints of Vatopaidi: the vigil (part 1) – Photo Report

The present day Monastery of Vatopaidi has produced a multitude of saints throughout its history of over a thousand years, most of them unknown to us. We know with certainty only a few that lived within its walls and precinct – almost 70 – whose names and lives have been preserved in the Calendar of Saints in the Orthodox Church. However visions of holy elders have revealed the number of those having attained great sanctity to be as many as 300. In any case, the land of the Holy Mountain has been nourished by the tears and prayers of countless holy men of whom we know only a fraction.

In this photo, Metropolitan Polykarpos of Spain is venerating a selection of the Holy Relics of several saints of Vatopaidi Monastery. From right to left: St. Kosmas the Protos; St. Maximos the Greek; St. Nikodemos; St. Agapios; St. Gerasimos Paladas; St. Joachim Papoulakis; St. Evdokimos; and the three founders of the Monastery, St. Nicholas, St. Athanasius and St. Anthony from Adrianople.

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