The feast of the Holy Belt, the feast of Chastity and Obedience – Full Photo Report – Part 2: The Litany, Liturgy

There are many miracles which the Holy Belt has performed throughout history. For us, however, the most precious miracle which happens each year is that we are, after 15 (fifteen) hours of prayer and toil more happier, more humble, closer to one another and filled with Grace. Nobody can explain this, it is just the blessing of the Mother of God. One must experience it in order to understand.

Compare 15 hours of spiritual spectacle with with concerts in the world which last 2-3 hours, at most 4 or 5 hours in extreme cases with several bands which fill us with superficial sensuous pleasure. There is definitely something outside of this world which helps us to achieve such a feat and be happy and thankful to God after all these hours of prayers.

In these photos you see the Metropolitans Konstantinos of Megara and Sergios of Voronezh (with white veil) attending the litany and after this the Holy Liturgy of the feast of the Holy Belt, Vatopaidi Monastery, Holy Mountain.


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