Fear: how to deal with it

The demon that tempts you, saying „Where can you flee? You have no repentance; you have no escape”, belongs to the enemy who is trying to make you lose self-control, whereas godly sadness does not attack you, but says, „Do not be afraid; try again”, for it knows that humanity is weak, and strengthens us.

Believe me, if you knew Who is with you, you would not fear anything the world has to offer.

So, throwing oneself down before God is when a person does not trust in his own strength alone but places his faith in the help of God, for it is He who saves us.

Have trust in God. Then you will forget your worries and become His instruments. Distress shows that we are not entrusting our life to Christ.

This one thing must be held firmly in our mind, that since we are a creation of the good God and are welded together by Him, as He manages smaller and greater things concerning us, neither can we undergo anything that is not God’s will, nor do we truly suffer anything that is hurtful unless it can be understood to bring us something better.

When life is full of troubles, people get the feeling that the curse and anger of God has come upon them. But when these trials have passed, they’ll see that God’s wonderful providence protected them meticulously in all facets of their existence.

When a man walks in the fear of God he knows no fear.

Based on Avva Isaiah, Saint Symeon the New Theologian, Saint Macarios the Great, Saint Basil the Great, Saint Porphyrios the Athonite, Saint Sophrony of Essex

In the photo a monk preparing his katzio, Vatopedi monastery, Mount Athos.

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