The Eve of the Nativity: The eve of purity – Photo Report from Eve of the Nativity (2015) (Audio)

It was fitting that the Giver of all holiness should enter this world by a pure and holy birth. For He it is that of old formed Adam from the virgin earth, and from Adam without the help of a woman formed woman. For as without woman Adam produced woman, so did the Virgin without man this day bring forth a man. For it is a man, saith the Lord, and who shall know him [Jer. 17:9]. For since the race of women owed to men a debt, as from Adam without woman woman came, therefore without man the Virgin this day brought forth, and on behalf of Eve repaid the debt to man.

Based on St. John Chrysostom

A moment from the Vesperal Divine Liturgy on the Eve of the Nativity (2015)

Click to listen to Katavasia of 1st Ode chanted during Christmas Vigil (2015 – live recording of the monks).

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