Embrace the change

We must embrace the change. It is pointless to continuously resist. We must cut off our will in front of others.

God in His goodness has arranged things perfectly, so that with our gifts, we can help each other, and with our faults, we can be humbled by each other. For every person has some gifts; but everyone also has some faults which one must struggle to overcome.

Taking this in account, we must see the change as good and cutting of our will as a way to get out from the very small box of our visions and desires.

However, if you wish, you can be a slave of passions and be dragged back and forth by them, and if you wish, you can remain free and not submit to their yoke; for God has created you with that power.

So, in order for one to realize his weak nature, he must encounter many great temptations. And then, though many trials he is humbled and learns true humility. But it takes time.

Humility is the truth because it embraces everything including embracing the change and then, only then, you will feel yourself grow.

Based on Saint Paisios the Athonite, Saint Anthony the Great, Saint Joseph the Hesychast

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