Do not fall into despair because of stumbling

Do not fall into despair because of stumbling. I do not mean that you should not feel contrition for them, but that you should not think them incurable. For it is more expedient to be bruised than dead. There is, indeed, a Healer for the man who has stumbled, even He Who on the Cross asked that mercy be shown to His crucifiers, He Who pardoned His murders while He hung on the Cross. ‘All manner of sin,’ He said, ‘and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men,’ that is, through repentance.”

That’s why the devil always attempts to discourage us: however, if we repent then we will succeed over his cunningness, no matter how great the transgression, for discouragement is a great weapon of the enemy against the believer who has placed one’s trust and faith in God.

Based on Saint Isaac the Syrian

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