Distinguishing the work of grace and the work of deception – photo journal from the New Year

In every beginner, there is a twofold work, committed in the heart in a double but unmixed way: one work is of grace and the other work is of the deception of demons.

Yet still, we can divide the twofold work into three, if we also consider the body—thus, there is a triple warmth of this energy which burns in people: one of grace, a second of deception or sin, and a third of a surplus of blood, from natural causes—of which, this latter can be quenched and brought to order through measured restraint and abstinence.

Work of grace

First, the work of grace is the power of the fire of the Spirit, which moves in the joy and happiness of the heart, supporting, warming and purifying the soul. This work controls and stops man’s propensity for thoughts for a while and kills the lustful movement in the body. Its signs, and the fruits that show its truth, are tears, the biting of the heart, humility, restraint, silence, patience, defiance, and all such, by which we gain an unquestionable trust.

Work of deception

Secondly, the work of deception is the ignition of sin, which warms the soul with lust and, with anger in the movement of the body, awakens the desire for the union of bodies. This work is devoid of any good quality and any order, bringing beasty joy, self-esteem, turmoil, unsaturated cheerfulness, increasing the appetite for pleasure. This work seeks matter for pleasure-burning, having the belly of an unsaturated coworker.

Based on Saint Gregory the Sinaite, Mark the Ascetic, Thalassios the African, and Diadochos of Photiki

The photos are from the feast of St. Basil and Circumcision of our Lord – the beginning of the year. Metropolitan Neapoleos Varnavas and Dodonis Chrysostomos were present at feast.

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