In the desert everything is different than in the world – A photo journal from the carpentry shop

In the desert everything is different than in the world.

Vatopaidi Monastery is in the “desert”, as the monastic fathers call it — in other words, a deserted or isolated place. There are no electrical cables, no water pipes, no physical utility conduits connecting it to the “outside” world. The monastery tries to be as self-sufficient and self-contained as is reasonably possible. Electricity is generated on site, water is gathered from springs and wells, and workers come from outside and are hired by the monastery. They are supervised by the monks and often work together with them. And, of course, many of the tasks are done by the monks alone.

Though this isolation and lack of handy services and conveniences have its difficulties, the monks feel that the environment for prayer and worship that they provide make it well worth it.

These photos show windows for the Cell of St. Joseph of Timișoara being made in the monastery’s carpentry shop. You may donate for the cell here (page in English) or here (page in Romanian). Those who make a donation will be commemorated in prayer as benefactors.

If you want to pray for you or to donate, click here.