Death: Lack of comprehension

God made us in His image and likeness—that is, just a single created god—a single Human in many persons of two kinds (man and woman), as He is a single God in three persons. God created a giant mind, a created god, in which all persons would cooperate flawlessly through their minds in real time to accomplish the same goal, even if each person would keep his specificity.

It is like when someone runs: his legs do one thing, his hands another thing, his eyes yet another thing—of course, his brain another—but all together cooperate flawlessly in order to attain maximum speed.

Taking in consideration all the above, we can say that the gift of clairvoyance, the capability of knowing thoughts of the others is a natural gift which disappeared with the fall of the Human, the fall of Adam. What was the fall of Adam? The unique mirror of the unique God, fell down and broke in many, many pieces by destroying our unity with God, with the Creation, between us and inside us.

That’s why the spoken language which we use today is just a patchwork.

That’s why real death is the lack of comprehension between us.

Christ came and told us, “Ok, you failed and that’s why you are tormenting yourselves. Anyone who wants to rebuild a new Adam, let him come and unite with Me and, through Me, together with all others.” That’s why Christ is called the new Adam. We have one chance. Just one chance.

Otherwise, without God, we will remain just an empty mirror without any purpose, even if we think that we are something. We remain an empty frame in the darkness of our minds. In the end, we will deny our part in the demise of a life: with a lack of comprehension. Thieving in our clichés, compelled by self-resentments, drowning in our existential lies, eternally hiding from the light of truth, we will reach into the minds of those who created the depression of the material Adam. Defeated by the corrosion of conformity, we will vote in the end with a bullet.

Either eternal Christ either eternal chaos.

That is why the one who comprehends more than others is always greatly superior through humility, even if this means a lot of prayer, patience and tears. However, the outcome is the resurrection, the fullness of life and happiness in the unity of the new Adam.

Based on Elder Sophronios (Sacharov) of Essex, Saint Isaiah

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