The Church is not a human organization

The Church is not a human organization, but a Divine-Human organism. It is not a human corporation, but the Divine-human Body of Christ. The source of the Church is this God Himself. It is not men’s invention, it is not a fruit and result of men’s social need, but it is the sole place of man’s salvation. That is to say, the impression is created that men made the Church in order to be able to survive in such difficult and tragic social conditions of life.

But, as we explained before, the source of the Church is God Himself, and man’s salvation takes place within it. Clement of Alexandria observes: “for just as it is a work of his will and is called the world, so also the salvation of men is his will and this is called the Church”.

And this means that the Church will never cease to exist, in spite of such difficult and unfavorable circumstances.

Based on Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktou

The procession on Great (Good) Friday

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