Christ was not subject to death – Photo Journal from Easter

Since our Lord Jesus Christ was without sin, He was not subject to death, since death came into the world through sin. He died, therefore, because He took death on Himself, on our behalf, and He made Himself an offering to the Father for our sakes. For we had sinned against Him, and it was meet that He should receive the ransom for us, and that we should thus be delivered from condemnation. God forbid that the blood of the Lord should have been offered to the tyrant. Wherefore death approaches and, swallowing up the body as a bait, is transfixed on the hook of divinity and, after tasting of a sinless and life-giving body, perishes, and brings up again all whom of old he swallowed. For just as darkness disappears on the introduction of light, so is death repulsed before the assault of life, and brings life to all, but death to the destroyer.

Based on Saint John of Damascus

The photos depict candid shots from Easter.

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