Cause of death

The Lord placed man in a paradise of delight and gave him one commandment, with the intention to help him to remain in the humble measure of his created-ness. Thus he would be enabled to maintain a life-giving relationship with his Creator, so as to finally arrive at the great purpose of his spiritual perfection. For as long as he kept that commandment, he enjoyed his relationship with God and lived in His presence with gratitude, peace and the sweetness of humble love. In the Light of God’s Countenance, Adam also found a harmonious relationship with Eve that became a source of joy and inspiration to him. He saw her as his own life and as being more precious than anything else which surrounded him in paradise. Thanking God for her, for the helper that he had received from Him, he said ‘Now, this is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. He felt Eve was his own heart and the transparency of their relations was so perfect, that although they were both naked, they did not have any passion and ‘were not ashamed’.

However, later on, carried away by the proposal of the devil to become gods, Adam and Eve disobeyed the commandment of God, which shook to the core their relationship with Him as well as the relationship between them. As transgressor and offender, Adam ceased to feel that he was akin to and a friend of God, able to converse with Him face to Face, and together with Eve who shared his guilt, ‘he hid… from the face of the Lord God in the middle of the wood of paradise. The transgression of the commandment alienated the first-created from God and filled them with the fear of death, which entered their life as a just retribution, as God had forewarned them. The innocence and communion of love between them was no longer the same. When God, in His great tenderness, called them to account, both of them rebelled, condemning God as the cause of their tragedy, and saw each other not as they did before, as their own life, but rather as a cause of death.

“Very Rev. Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)”



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