The categories of men in Church

In the Church there is human-divine cooperation through history for deification. The real, charismatic Church is the holder of the way in which this cooperation takes place. In other words, the real Church shows the right path to deification.

Well, here are some categories of people: the ones who know this and experience this by keeping God’s commandments which is the way to cure our soul. There are other ones who does not know this and totally disregard this, something which is the basis for their constant emptiness. Finally, there is a special category who know somewhat the extraordinary power of the Church, but they do not want to follow the commandments because of self-love mainly. These people usually try to exploit the fame and the spiritual power of the Church to their interests. Do not judge them – you never know whom you have in front of you – but try to avoid them.

We cannot reject the science of medicine because we have some „specialists” in this science who does not keep their professional status.

In this photo is depicted Vatopaidi’s main church (katholikon) at night.

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