Bible and War: Cain, where’s your brother?

Cain, where’s your brother?

With this began the history of the human race on earth, namely with a brother’s murder. A murder of a brother in your life!

A man will be so helpless in the midst of his machines, so poor and frightened! He will applaud his war machines as they once applauded heroes!

The future war will be distinguished by the lack of ideals and by the lack of mercy and heroism.

Man’s sin toward man appears as a result of man’s sin toward God.

The war of man against man is the continuation of man’s war against God.

The parents’ war against God will be continued by their sons, one against each other.

Nowadays, there is talk about peace more than ever, while the nations are preparing for war more than ever.

Peace without God is the cradle of war.

The causes of the coming war consisted in the rejection of God and the worship of idols of Christian peoples or their leaders.

Europe’s mission was to live a Christian life and help its brethren, for pagan people to rise to Christ. Instead, Europe itself fell into idol worship.

The sins of the rulers cause the war and lose the war. The war will be gained by the nation which will repent more.

In the lives of people and their nation, a perfect inner order reigns; the concrete, political slavery of a nation is the symbol of its previous spiritual slavery.

There is today, nowhere, no more actual book about war, about the causes of war, and about the final outcome of the war than the Bible that is Holy Scripture of God.

Based on Saint Nicholas Velimirovici

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