“It is better to give than to receive” said our Lord. Why? – Photo Report from the Cell of St. Joseph of Partoș (Timișoara)

“It is better to give than to receive” said our Lord, and rightfully so. This is because man is easily enslaved by material pleasures which lead nowhere, whereas the spiritual happiness engendered by a genuine love, given veracity to though acts of charity and giving, makes the soul free. So, contrary to the belief of many, the source of joy is mercy and not avarice. Indeed, we accept this intellectually because it is obvious, but determination is needed for charity to become a reality.

Sometimes we say we are not able to give “that much”. It is not necessary to give “that much”. Give just what you can – with a good heart and a smile. This is true charity.

At the moment our Monastery is building a new cell (small monastic house) for a monk who does not have the financial means to accomplish this on his own. The cell is dedicated to St. Joseph of Timișoara / Partoș, who spent several years as a monk of Vatopaidi. So the building of this cell is not only an act of charity towards the monk who will live there; it is also constitutes an act of love and honor to this saint.

In these photos, Bishop Paisios Lugojanul, the vicar bishop of the Metropolitan of Timișoara, with the hieromonk Theophan from Nera Monastery visits the Cell of St. Joseph of Timișoara, which is under construction. New window and door frames may be seen together with the old ones, as well as other construction work.

For those who might like to assist financially in the building of the Cell of St. Joseph of Timișoara click here (English) or here (Romanian) to make a donation. Those who donate will be remembered perpetually in the daily services and liturgies at the Cell. Also they have the right to come to Mount Athos and have one liturgy over the year for them.

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