For Whom the Bell Tolls

The purpose of our life on earth is not to attain worldly achievements, but rather to attain the eternal crowns of virtue which will magnify us eternally.

Death is not something to be feared, rather a simple separation of the temporary body with the undying soul. In the afterlife, our soul will remember all of its existence on earth and will rejoice with the good acts and will suffer for the evil committed.

For this reason, we must never ignore our consciences and carry out a transgression, no matter how small it may seem, so we can avoid an eternity of regret later on.

Remember, our just Lord immediately forgives all sins and transgressions through an honest and clean confession to our spiritual father.

Those who bravely confess their sins, take courage for you will become masters of eternity!

All ye who fain from the burden of a clean confession, take heed for you will become a slave of an eternal failure. We must be victors over the civil war of our self-pleasures in this emptied world … and what is civil in a war anyway?

In this photo a hermit monk bears a handle of the funeral bier of the recently deceased elder Ioakeim.

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