Ascetic pain, vigilance, patience and boldness

Strive to remain unflinchingly in a state of spiritual ascetic pain, vigilance, patience and boldness, because only then will you sense the spiritual Amalek who covets your soul. You’ll be freed from the passions and gain the eternal good things, when the Lord returns to judge the world.

Who has ever been wounded and then been cured without first undergoing the pain and then the treatment regime of the doctor? Who can follow Christ without shouldering the cross of patience? No-one.

All of those who followed Him in the past and do so now were and are prepared to face with patience the trials which will certainly come their way, as the wise Sirach says: ‘Child, if you come to serve the Lord God, prepare your soul for temptation’ (2. 1).

Based on Saint Dimitry of Rostov

(Foto kindly offered by Vladimir Nikic from Serbia)

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