Amphilochios of Montenegro: We forgot the God-Man

The essence of the church is synodicity (synergy). The biggest problem of mankind today is that they have forgotten the Jesus which is God-Man, and therefore our heavenly purpose.

Thus we are condemned to be imprisoned on the human plane, materially fighting among ourselves for the material things. The problems of society and of the Church are solved by humility and patience and not by force.

Let us not forget that God became man in order for man to become a god, by grace. From the beginning we try to become gods but we attempt this without the help of the only God and therefore our attempt is doomed to failure, tormenting ourselves and others.

Let us have in our daily life as a center the God-Man so that we do not forget the model, we do not forget the creator, we do not forget who we really are.

Based on the Metropolitan Amphilochios of Montenegro

In the photo, the Metropolitan Amphilochios of Montenegro, Vatopedi monastery, Mount Athos

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