Aggressive behavior management

Many today are wondering how to behave in the case of aggressive behavior, starting with those at school or playing between children ending with aggression at national level.

Given that aggression is generating pain, is generating cross, we must first distinguish between the community and personal planes. Always ask ourselves: does this aggression affect only me or my peers? If it only affects me, then we have a personal plane. If not, we are on a community level.

At the community level, we have no right to impose such a cross to others, to leave them to aggression because we do not know if they will come out of this great attempt, and especially because greater love like this nobody has, that is to someone puts his soul for his neighbor.

On a personal level, the Lord said that if someone slaps us on one cheek we will turn the other. This applies, however, until the other separates us from Jesus – that is, he pushes us into sin.

If, by our spiritual opposition, we will soften his heart and the other will willingly realize that he is a sinner, then let us oppose it. But let’s not forget that aggression usually does not cure aggression if we are on a personal level. Also, we must not forget that all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us the example that we must not only go to death, but die on the Cross, without sinning.

If, however, we cannot follow now Christ till end, then we try to avoid aggression as much as possible in order to be able to perfect ourselves and resurrect through the cross.

Based on Saint Nicholas Velimirovic, Saint Cyrill and Methodios, John 15:13-15, Matthew 5:39, 26:52

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