About the abortions on TV

A few years ago, at an hour of maximum audience on the Greek national television station (ERT), a debate was held, at the highest level, on the topic of abortions.

The debate was very heated, with guests from all fields, including hierarchs, university professors, doctors, people of culture, etc. The meeting far exceeded the time allotted, but it was very difficult for the moderator to close the show because the arguments ran, one after another. Finally, seeing that it could not be otherwise, and, especially because his conscience bugged him since he had invited the director of one of the Central Hospital of Athens, who could never get the chance to speak, the moderator said, “Finally, we would like to give the floor to the manager of the Central Hospital, if she has something to say to us.”

The director took the floor and said, “I would like to tell you about a small event that happened a short time ago. One woman wanted very much to have a child and, in the end, she became pregnant. She was very happy but, during the analysis, a very serious problem appeared with the pregnancy. The doctors told her to abort because, otherwise, she would die at birth.

She did not want to do this, in any way, although everyone was pressuring her and telling her she was crazy, that she did not know what she was doing. But she constantly prayed to the Mother of God to help her find an escape. The family was screaming at her, the doctors were looking at her like a lunatic, but she had put all her hope in the Mother of God who comforted her conscience, and she constantly prayed with fasting and tears to leave neither her nor her child.

In a setting of disapproval and general pressure, in which everyone left her alone, the woman went to the end and gave birth to a wonderful child. Now, she and the child are very well. And she is the woman who speaks to you now”

Pictured is a young man praying for his family and his nation in front of the miracle-making icon of Our Lady of Pantanassa, Vatopedi Monastery, Mount Athos

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