About authentic and fake miracles – Photo Journal with the Holy Belt of the Virgin Mary

The Holy Belt of the Virgin Mary, throughout history has performed numerous and countless miracles which have been recorded and published to date by our Monastery.

There are several remarkable things about miracles which we should mention here:

First of all and most importantly is that authentic miracles have as a purpose for our eternal salvation through repentance. If a miracle doesn’t help in our salvation, then the authenticity of such a miracle is very questionable, at best.

Secondly, the issue of our faith: If there is a lack of faith, miracles more than likely do not occur because God does not want to violate our liberty of free will and thus impose Himself upon His creation which does not want to accept Him in ones personal life. This is the reason why our resurrected Christ did not appear to everyone or to His enemies for that matter to prove His divinity but to souls who where receptive of His love and to those who unconditionally believed in Him as the true Messiah.

Thirdly, and something which is quite noticeable particularly in our times, is that God selects by His providence, unexpected individuals as targets of His divine intervention through miracles. This occurs in order to make such souls as missionaries in various areas of society and to avoid the tendency to judge miracles as something “staged”, “biased” and/or “with hidden interests”.

In the following photos are shots from the departure of the Holy Belt with destination of northern Greece.

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