A spiritual tactic, a singularly efficacious tactic

To every temptation, to everything that distracted me from the one thing necessary, I should answer only: ‘What is the point? I am dead. I am in the tomb of my Master’. Instead of arguing and fighting with life, I should place myself straight away on the other side, outside life (naturally this means the desires of worldly life), and then, dead to the world and to sin, I should be more than ever alive ‘in God’. One could even say that in this there is a spiritual tactic, a singularly efficacious tactic, open to those in all walks of life, an ‘entombment’ with our Lord. We have sung today: ‘I praise Thy entombment’. We might now add: ‘Grant that I may be entombed with Thee”.

“Fr. Lev Gillet”

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