A sign of Christ’s delicacy in an icon: Jesus wept – Photo Journal from the Chapel of Saint Nicholas

The intervention of God in our life is shown by different signs. There are miracles which appear as an obvious surpassing of the natural law which God himself created.

However there are other signs at which we shouldn’t ask too much if it is supernatural or not, just to take it as it is and try to understand the meaning of them – why God allowed this thing to exist.

Here is such a sign: the chapel of Saint Nicholas from the monastery’s port was built in 15th century by Saint Stephen the Great of Moldavia but the actual icons from the chapel’s temple are from 19th century. Few years ago, we decided to renovate the chapel because it exhibited a lot of construction problems. We took the icons and put them with care in the sacristy. When the restoration work at chapel was finished, we took out the icons and put them back …but the icon of Christ appeared to have multiple signs on his face where the paint was removed, like Christ was crying.

The effect is quite impressive.

We don’t ask ourselves too much how this thing appeared, neither we give a distorted importance to this phenomenon because then we will enter in dangerous labyrinths – we just take this sign as it is: the Christ is crying because our sins from which the biggest is our indifference and He will always be in this state till the end of this world.

It is another sign of Christ’s delicacy, like His Ascension in which He left from earth in order to not crush our liberty through the evidence of His resurrection. What would you say if you would see a man more than 2000 years old but still young and alive? Same here: he leaves us the liberty to take in account this sign or not.

In the photos is a photo report from a liturgy held at the Chapel of Saint Nicholas from the port of Vatopaidi.

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