A handful of sand

Can you measure God’s mercy? In the face of God’s mercy, the sins of the worst person ever are a handful of sand in the ocean. There’s no sin that can defeat God’s mercy.

God’s depicted as our mother; Can the sin of a child overcome the love of a mother? If a mother loves her child, God loves us infinitely more than that. He demonstrated this clearly when he was crucified on the Cross.

Saint Peter denied the Lord three times, and repentance restored him. Through repentance, the great persecutor of Christians, Saint Paul, became one of the chief apostles. Repentance has sanctified harlots, robbers, tax-collectors and thousands of other guilty people. So put aside your worry and the chastisement of your conscience. Become hopeful, take courage and get rid of any thought of despair.

“Elder Ephraim of Arizona”

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