By ‘Heart’ usually is understood the deepest part, the core of the human soul. It has connections with the intellect but its main characteristic is that it hosts the deepest emotions of the human personality.

Contrary to mind, the heart can change much harder both in good and bad.

Because body, mind and heart are tied together (even if this link is weakened a lot by the ancestral sin) the virtues and passions of the heart cannot be assigned only to it but also (in a greater or lesser degree) to the other parts of the human being.

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RepentanceRemembrance of deathJoy, mourning and joy filled mourningPassion, purity and chastityInsensibility (Death of soul)Faith, anxiety, uncertainty and cowardicePatience, trials and peaceful livingAnger, meekness, simplicity and innocenceStillness of body and soul (Hesychia)Godlike dispassionLove