I am a witness and this is my testimony:
that man can overcome death
and become God-like through God’s grace.


Welcome to the Ascetic Experience from Holy Mount Athos where we share all our everyday spiritual needs. Our problems in life are many and often times overwhelming; you are not alone.

Take your time, relax, and dig deeper with us.

This site is a start to a new life, a trusted guide to lean on, to learn something about your future, about your eternity and how to make your life better.


  • unique photos from the Holy Mountain
  • spiritual counsel and advice of the Holy Fathers and Mothers
  • wisdom from ancient and contemporary sages

… answers to all your everyday problems.

How to look at the site:

  • Spiritual Gift of the Day – a daily treasury of life
  • Body – passions and virtues
  • Mind – cleaning & purifying our unruly thoughts
  • Heart – connecting with your Creator

We are here for you and we’d love to know your thoughts and ideas.

and come again. Every day there is something new on the site for you.


Charalampos Tsavdaridis